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Gecko Hawaii SKU: BFBGHF-M

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1st Editon Re-Issue! Limited Edition Secret Black Friday Drop!



  • 1st Edition 1989 Re-Issue
  • Blue to White HyperFlash Heat-Activated Color Changing Tee
  • 3X Retro Puff Ink
  • Glow In The Dark Green & Pink
  • Originally a bootleg Gecko Hawaii tee that we are taking back!

History: This Limited Edition slice of awesomeness was originally a "bootleg" Gecko tee from 1989 -- we decided to TAKE IT BACK! It just might be the ONLY time that we ever print it -- you know how bootlegs go! And can you imagine a Gecko drinking a beer on a shirt at Mervyn's? Moms would be pissed! So we had to make it! The font is sooo 1980's -- as is the pink/blue color-way. It's a tee that you can toss on -- on a Sunday -- and then head down to your local sports pub.

Number Printed: 100

Number of Variants: Purple to Pink HyperFlash 1 out of 20

Variant: Purple to Pink HyperFlash 1 out of 20


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