Gecko Hawaii uses several different types of shirts, a combo of thick cotton, lightweight/thin cotton, standard fit, slim fit, and classic/retro fit. 

Which tee is best for you? Read a little bit more about each tee type and find out!

Cotton Beach Tees -- Our cotton beach tees are extremely soft and lightweight. We call it a "beach tee" because if you wear it to the beach, you won't be sweating. 

However, there are few things to know about our beach tee: It's Men's slim -- a.k.a unisex -- so it fits slightly slimmer than a normal tee. This DOES NOT mean that you can't wear it if you don't like slim fit tees.

The trick with unisex tees for men is that you want to buy 1 size up. If you are usually a Medium, try a large -- and then throw it in the wash. It will shrink significantly, but still be slightly larger than our medium shirts.

A few tees of ours that come on a cotton beach tee: HyperFlash, Splatter (black and white).

Beefy Tees -- These are classic fit. Everyone has worn a classic fit tee -- the style hasn't changed since the 80s. These are not slim. The sleeves are larger. 

Pigment Dyed Tees -- Our pigment 



Our HyperFlash tees, and