Paradise Lost Sponge Paint Crop Hoodie


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In The 1980's, "Sponge Paint" was all the rage!

Just for fun -- and inspired by some of our older sponge paint tees, we worked with Dennis M (Our Splatter Guru) who is also a "sponge specialist" to develop 2 new sponge paint crop hoodies to match our sponge paint joggers!

The Paradise Lost Sponge joggers are super limited -- there are only a few available. The paint is a crazy 80s neon and applied using a unique, hand-sponge technique that you may have only seen on some of the most sought after apparel this year!

Not only are these SUPREMELY comfy, but you can wear them to bed, or to run out for errands -- friends will be jealous and if you are lucky enough to get them before they are sold out -- you will most likely be the only one to have 'em!

Get yours TODAY if you want it!

Limited Run!

  • Individually Hand Sponge Painted - Each has it's own unique look.
  • Authentic 80's look and feel.
  • Fleece
  • Double Puffed mid-80s Gecko Hawaii pocket logo
  • Fits as expected.

Gecko Hawaii teamed up with one of long time artists to bring back some awesome 80s vibes!

We worked with Dennis back in the late 80s & 90s — and he created hundreds of thousands of Gecko Hawaii Splatter tees. Since then, Dennis has worked with every brand in the book, from brands like OP and Bugle Boy in the 80’s to Yeezy and Supreme today. 


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