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 Limited Run!

  • Individually Hand Splattered - Each has it's own unique look.
  • White, Neon Green, Neon Blue & Neon Pink Splatter
  • Uses some original paint from the original Gecko Splatter era for authentic 80s/90s texture look and feel
  • Double "puff-ink" pocket logo
  • Blacklight reactive makes it look like you're in space!
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Kangaroo Pouch!


Please keep in mind that all kids are different sizes, but "in general"

small = 6/7 years

medium = 8/9 years

large - 10/12 years

XL = 13/15 years

(FYI - if you’re a smaller adult, you may fit into the Large and XL — we know a few 22 year old women who wear large and XLs in these youth sizes”)

The Look, The Feel, The History of Gecko's Splatter:

Our neon green, pink, white, blue and black splatter was different than other contemporary’s at the time because although we used neon —  it was much more subtle — using super small — yet evenly dispersed paint specks all over the shirt. At the time (and still today), most splatter shirts consisted of either one color, multi-color with huge streaks and splashes. That can look cool, but it can also be hard to pull off and can look too busy. We wanted to release something that had a “pop” and was rad — but was strong and subtle. By using the “speckle/splash” technique,  it gave the shirt a look as though it was almost part of the fabric itself.

If you still happen to own of the early splatter shirts, you’d notice that the paint had a lot more texture to it. As time went on, with larger mass production, the addition of graphics, and new types of paint — the splatter was flattened in the “flashing” process. However, our goal for the first Splatter shirts, hoodie, jogger re-release was to re-create that first ever splatter shirt we made. It is fully equipped with the original texturized splatter from the late 80’s early 90’s (check out the video, we even used some of the VERY SAME paint from back then!). with a simple pocket logo. This required us to splatter by hand — not by graphic design or digital printer.You can feel the quality and it is AWESOME. As far as we know, there is nothing else out there like it today.

Gecko Hawaii teamed up with one of long time artists to bring back one of the most popular requests since our relaunch!

We worked with Dennis back in the late 80s & 90s — and he created hundreds of thousands of Gecko Hawaii Splatter tees. Since then, Dennis has worked with every brand in the book, from brands like OP and Bugle Boy in the 80’s to Yeezy and Supreme today. 

This is the first time we ever made it a sweatshirt and it will quickly become the sweatshirt you don't want to take off! Super unique, but subtle and epically 80's/early 90's and RAD! These hoodies fit perfectly!

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