Purple Volcanic Acid Wash Experiment Hoodie


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Introducing Gecko Hawaii's Experimental Purple Volcanic Acid Wash Hoodie!

We loved the new volcanic acid wash so much (and it's hard to find great acid wash these days, since it's not 1987) -- that as we continue to plan out our fall line, we thought it would be fun to experiment -- and test out our acid wash on a hoodie!

What we got was 2 super rad & unique hoodies!

Since this was a test run, we only created around 25 hoodies in Black, and 25 Purple.

We wanted to offer them FIRST & ONLY to the Gecko Fam who purchased our volcanic acid wash releases these past two weeks! That's you!

The only access to the hoodies is via this email. We are not showcasing them on the website. It is an invite only product at the moment.  They are only available TODAY! This means we will either sell out of them today, or when 11:59PM PST hits, we will take them down from the site if there are any left (probably won't be).

We know it's summer, but there will come a time when you want to show off your tee, but it will be too cold! So this is the next best thing! Plus, if you live in places like San Francisco, you can ALWAYS use a hoodie -- especially in the summer!

Depending on how are test goes, we may bring this hoodie back in late August, or September... but then again, we may not -- and it may be the only chance you have to get it.  It really depends on how fast they sell today!

We created around 25 hoodies as a test -- in both Purple and Black.  

This awesomePurple Acid Wash hoodie is EXTREMELY unique! No one else will have it, but everyone will want it! It's new, but also, so freakin' 1980's!  

Every hoodie is unique! WE WILL MOST LIKELY SELL OUT FAST!

Gecko Blends is an awesome, hand-drawn & iconic piece of artwork from 1988 -- and it hands down looks INCREDIBLY RAD on this volcanic acid wash!

ONLY 25 Made! 12 HOURS ONLY! 

LAUNCH DATE: 7/19/22 

  • Gecko Blends Volcanic Wash Experimental Hoodie!
  • GLOW IN THE DARK front pocket logo.
  • Only 25 Made!
  • Side Kangaroo Front Pouch
  • Amazing Glow-In-The-Dark retro front pocket logo!
  • 100% Cotton
  • Unisex
  • 2X Retro Puffed Ink!

Sizing: It has been washed several times to achieve the acid wash, and it shrinks in the process. So if you like a looser hoodie, please size up 1

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