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"Gecko Marble" Was Originally Printed in 1987 and 1988!

Imagine a t-shirt so soft, lightweight, and totally 1980's (hard to find) retro neon! Now... add some sleeves and a hood and you've got the perfect tee for end of summer radness and start of fall sweetness!

So dang comfy and light, you can wear these in 115 degree heat and still feel like you're not wearing anything!

Pull up the sleeves to rock it like it's 1988!

At night when it starts to cool off, push the sleeves down and block the wind chill. 

When Fall starts to creep in, layer underneath to show off your retro style!

  • Totally Tubular 1980's SOFT HOT NEON PINK!
  • Featuring iconic "Gecko Marble" Hand-drawn artwork from 1987/88!
  • Glow-In-the-dark, Retro Puffed Ink Gecko on back and front!
  • 60% Cotton / 40% Poly Blend -- It won't shrink much at all!
  • You'll literally feel like you teleported in time!
  • These will sell out!
  • Unisex
  • Super light and fluffy! Extremely soft! A great tee to stay cool on really hot days, or in tropical weather, a simultaneously a super rad tee to layer under when the weather starts to shift!

Sizing suggestions:

We recommend that men who like a "looser" fit go up a size.

We recommend women get their actual size.  


This 1980's neon green is a very bright green -- but not so bright that it's a "safety green." This is a real, authentic 1980's neon color. Somewhere between neon and what we'd now call bright pastel. It really is hard to find rad shirts in these colors nowadays. Prepare for people to stop you and comment on your shirt throughout your day.

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