The Gecko Island: 1988 Re-Issue Black Beach Tee

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Descriptions, Stories & Original History Below!

For the first time since 1988! The Gecko Island!

Originally Printed in 1988!

ONLY 180 Made!

As THIS is a 1st Edition Re-Issue of "The Gecko Island" tee!

  • We worked with Stan Peralta, the original Gecko artist who drew it in 1988 to restore it by hand!
  • 2x Retro Puff Ink!
  • Glow-In-the-dark puffed Green Geckos!
  • Puffed Retro Glow In The Dark Front Pocket Logo! 
  • Uses a Gecko Neon Tee With Classic 1980's fit - wider sleeves.
  • You'll literally feel like you teleported in time!
  • These will sell out!
  • 100% cotton


    "The Gecko Island" was hand-drawn back in 1988 by original Gecko Hawaii artist Stan Peralta -- who made several of the original classic Gecko Hawaii Tees. The Gecko Island was part of a set of tees we released in the spring and summer of 1988 and 1989 called the "Gecko Passport" which featured different secret surf locations across the world. This particular design was from a set of 3 -- 2 of which we have released: "The Wild Gecko Islands" and "Secret Paradise" 

    We have wanted to release The Gecko Islands for a long time now, but no longer had the original artwork, as it had sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean -- so, we took the only version of it that we could find in existence -- (owned by a Gecko Team Member) which was thoroughly "vintage" and on a neon green tee, took a photo of it, and then reached out to Stan Peralta for his help in recreating the original design.

    Stan used the photo as a starting point and then redrew the original -- along with 1 new, change: The Geckos are now bigger than in the original, so that we could have an AWESOME looking effect for the 1st Re-Issue that Glows-In-The-Dark!


    • Printed in the USA at Gecko HQ on a Limited Edition Gecko beach t-shirt!

     Limited Run!