Happy Geckos White Beach Tee


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This is a tee called "Happy Gecko" and it's one of the first tees that we have re-issued from the 1990s. 

It was hand-drawn by surfers over a few weeks... a little bit added to it each day.
To us, it looks like an awesome doodle that you would have found in a "Trapper Keeper" -- or a Fillmore Poster back in 1991 -- at the start of the grunge era.

Back then, you would be wearing this while watching the video for Nirvana's "Smell's Like Teen Spirit" -- or just finding out that Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby" was sampled from a song by the band Queen -- and trying to understand what a "sample" even was...
  • 100% Cotton!
  • INTENSE Neon!
  • Super Soft!
  • Classic Fit!
  • Puffed-Ink!
Please note: The color in these images may vary, because the shirt is so awesomely bright has contrasting colors, it makes it REALLY difficult for us to take the perfect photos with consistent lighting. The main photo is true to color, however it looks WAY COOLER in person!

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