The "Gecko Classic" Super Puff-Ink Tee


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This tee looks SO RAD with the Super Puff-Ink texture on the graphic -- just like it was back in the 1980s -- and really helps to create a classic 80s look!

About the "Gecko Classic"  tee:

We took our extremely iconic original logo and gave it a slightly updated clean look -- still 100% hand-drawn. The only difference is the thick black "sketchy" outline -- and we did that to make this shirt's puff ink go beyond "2X puff" to PURE SUPER PUFF. Everything about this tee is a combo of late 1980's to super early 90s. The graphic goes all the way across the back -- much like the old "Big Dog" / "B.U.M" Equipment tees used to do. 

The New Classic secret tee has nearly everything you're looking for in a Gecko Tee -- the retro look and feel, the iconic gecko, the texture and color change that explodes every nostalgia synapse in the brain.

Also, keep a look out for the EXTREMELY LIMITED HyperFlash versions launching on Sunday 8/29/21 -- they will sell out same day!  

Over this past year (2020/21) Gecko has grown significantly (thanks to you!) So, we decided to bring back a "fan-fave" for a short time, so the new fans can have a chance to relive their own nostalgia, and the classic fans can retire their old version and have something just as rad -- but completely different!

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