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"Gecko Bootleg V2" Was Originally Printed in 1989!

Imagine a t-shirt so soft, lightweight, and totally 1980's (hard to find) retro neon! 

 When Winter starts to creep in, layer underneath this super light, hooded, long-sleeved tee to show off your neon retro style!

  • Featuring original "Gecko Bootleg" Hand-drawn artwork from 1989!
  • Glow-In-the-dark, Retro Puffed Ink Gecko on back and front!
  • 60% Cotton / 40% Poly Blend -- It won't shrink much at all -- and it is one of the softest tees you've ever felt!
  • You'll literally feel like you teleported in time!
  • Neon Green in one of our most popular colors! These will sell out!
  • Unisex
  • Super light and fluffy! Extremely soft! A super rad tee to layer on top of a winter thermal to keep you warm, yet show off your style! 

Sizing suggestions: Purchase your actual size. However...

This tee is unisex, so we recommend that dudes who like a "looser" fit (like with a dad bod, or stomach keg, or mega broad shoulders) go up 1 size.

We recommend women stick to their actual size -- but if you like a much more fitted style, go down one size.


The History of the "Hawaii Gecko Bootleg Tee"

In 1989, this tee surfaced using Gecko Hawaii's, hand-drawn art, elements, symbols --- AND EVEN NAME --- to make a black market bootleg and sell it as if it was Gecko Hawaii! So many people bought it and wore it thinking it was us! Well... we decided it was time to review some of the most famous (infamous) bootlegs of the 80's & early 90's & TAKE THEM BACK! So, we have officially made it into a REAL Gecko Hawaii tee, with some of our awesome modifications of course -- making it even better than it ever was before!

This is a limited edition, first printing of Gecko Bootleg (Version 2.0) of our Gecko Bootleg Series. Version 2.0 contains another colorway of the bootleg that was released in 1989 -- and features, 3X, Glow-In-The-Dark pink & green retro puffed ink! The 3X puffed ink is a Gecko Fam, Fan favorite (versus 1X or 2X puff ink), because each time you wear it and wash it, the puff purposely begins to crackle and take on a personalized and authentic, true 1980's/90's "vintage tee" look! (Not a "digital" printing/rendering of what a "crackled" authentic vintage tee should look like). We only do 3X Puff every now and then, because they are so expensive to make, use more ink, and take an extra round to dry. They are always FAST SELLING TEES --  so get yours while it's still in stock!

  •  Limited Run!

This 1980's neon green is a very bright green -- but not so bright that it's a "safety green." This is a real, authentic 1980's neon color. Somewhere between neon and what we'd now call bright pastel. It really is hard to find rad shirts in these colors nowadays. Prepare for people to stop you and comment on your shirt throughout your day.

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