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If you've ever wanted a pair of Gecko Wave pants & volleys (or LOVE your pair and need another one in case you lose them) THIS COULD BE YOUR VERY LAST CHANCE TO OWN THEM! Many designs we bring back from the 80s and 90s are only available for a limited time... and then they go back into the Gecko Vault!
The History of The Wave Design
The Gecko Hawaii Wave Pants encompass layers of historical 80s/90s fashion trends. These were one of the first ever Hawaii/California streetwear style collaborations that broke down all borders by trending far beyond both regions.  Take a closer look at the icons/pattern in the design of the Wave pants, and you may actually see the hieroglyphic representation of this regional collaboration. 
Comfort and Functionality
Gecko Hawaii Beach Pants may be lightest pair of pants you may ever own -- but they are EXTREMELY versatile --and have the capability of keeping your legs warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The perfect pants for chilling on the couch and looking like a rockstar! We also have a ton of PRO skaters that tell us they have revolutionized their winter skating, because it feels like they are wearing nothing! :)
The Look
They are the kind of pants that get random people checking you at and giving you compliments. The kind of pants that have your friends asking "Those are RAD! Where did you get those?" The kind of pants that give off the vibe of having that "uniquely awesome retro style" without even trying.  You can feel that vibe the second you rock these -- and it magically creates a feeling of confidence and intense nostalgia.

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